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Adam's Aerosol Tire Shine

Regular price $12.99

Adam’s Aerosol Tire Shine is a must have, convenient, long lasting, rain repellant tire shine! This solvent-based formulation dries to the touch and won’t run, drip, or sling; also making it withstand several rain events and will not attract dirt or dust – much like our other tire dressings! Adam’s Aerosol Tire Shine does not contain water or surfactants, which causes most conventional tire dressings to easily wash off shortly after applied, and rejuvenates rubber while providing lasting UV protection.

  • Quick and Convenient Tire Shine Makes Tires Look Brand New
  • Solvent-Based: Long Lasting and Rain Resistant
  • Rejuvenates Rubber and Provides UV Protection
  • Dries to the Touch and Won’t Run, Drip, or Sling
  • Banana Scented