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Blue Foam Cannon 1L

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 Product  Description 

  • EASY OPERATION: When rotating clockwise, the angle increases to produce foam; when rotating counterclockwise, the angle decreases to produce columnar foam.
  • ROTATABLE NOZZLE: Multi directional spraying design, the rotatable nozzle design facilitates the adjustment of foam spraying angle, and foam coverage is wider.
  • EASY TO CONNECT: With 1/4in NPT quick connect tail interface, the high pressure sprayer can be connected to the water for use, rapid foaming, greatly improving efficiency.
  • EXCELLENT PARTS: Pull out the plug to remove the nozzle, which is made of brass to prevent aging, and high density filter screen to prevent foam kettle from being blocked.
  • SPRAYING CORE: High pressure foam generator, with dual caliber spray core, suitable for most car washing machines, with even spraying, efficient and practical.