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CARPRO Gloss Pad 3

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Product Description 

CarPro Gloss Pad is made from a Japanese open cell foam polyurethane foam that is extremely soft to the touch and even softer on paint. This extreme softness polishes paint astonishingly well to produce that all-over gloss. Under the “gloss” layer is a urethane layer that stabilizes the pad and allows for even pressure distribution over curved panels. That “stabilizing” layer also absorbs any vibration generated by the machine for a smooth glide over your paint. CarPro Gloss Pad features a beveled edge for added protection while polishing. The total polishing area of this pad is 3.5 inches, with a 3 inch backing. You won’t have to worry about nicking the paint while in use! Also featuring a strong adhesive backing and a 1 ¼ inch thickness, the CarPro Gloss Pad is a durable pad that can take a beating. FRONT AND BACK VIEW.