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CarPro Ceri Glass Polish

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Product Description 

  • Extremely effective with rotary removing swirls, light scratches, and sometimes tiny pits
  • Effective with Dual Action machine for water spots and fine shallow swirls
  • Hand Rayon polishing block allows simple removal of mild water spots
  • Removes scratches from windshield wipers/sand grit
  • Does not distort glass like traditional cerium oxide compounds


  • Cover the vehicle surfaces and trim around the glass
  • Shake well
  • Apply small amount on the glass polish pad
  • Work thoroughly on the glass surface one section at a time in overlapping motions.
  • When the product starts to dry, apply a spritz of water to the pad to extend the life of the polish
  • Repeat as needed.  If necessary finish with a stiff foam pad.
  • Clean surface thoroughly when complete
  • For protection: Wipe down with Eraser and then coat with Flyby30


  • Not for use on exterior window tint film, painted or coated glass
  • Avoid trim - product will stain black trim
  • Avoid paint - Cover or tape off, or wash directly after