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CARPRO Lift Snow Foam 1 Liter (34oz)

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Product Description 

  • PRE-WASH ALKYL SNOW FOAM: CARPRO Lift is a highly concentrated pre-wash foam agent that dissolves and softens dirt and grime so it can be easily removed during the wash.
  • CONCENTRATED: Applied at a typical 1:10 dilution ratio (or others depending on the desired foam viscosity). Lift uses 12pH alkyl cleaning ingredients, which are strong yet gentle and suitable for use with all pressure foam lance washers
  • FORMULATED: Lift is formulated to offer maximum wetting and rinses easily as well. Allow the product to remain on the surface for a few minutes before rinsing – the longer the dwell time the better. Do not let the product dry, even when diluted
  • SUITABLE FOR USE WITH ALL FOAMING TOOLS: Lift is not a superficial high foaming product but has been designed as a true active surface agent that produces a thick foam designed to prep the most embattled areas of the vehicle.