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CarPro PolyShave Decon Disc (6" Diameter)

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Product Description 

  • Advanced Rubber Polymer Technology
  • Quickly shaves away surface contaminants and leaves surface smooth to the touch
  • Re-useable: Simply rinse after use and reuse
  • Removes contamination faster than clay
  • Eliminate hand and finger fatigue


  • Size: 6" Diameter
  • Material: Advanced Rubber Polymer Technology
  • Color: Black
  • Use with: Dual Action Polisher


  • Always wash vehicle before use of Polyshave or clay products
  • Attach to hook & loop backing plate on a dual action polisher (Do NOT use with rotary)
  • Important: Break in PolyShave disc on the glass before use on paint.
  • Keep surface well lubricated with your favorite clay lubricant.
  • Keep surface wet and well lubricated during each section
  • Do not use heavy pressure, simply glide across surface with pad flat
  • Rinse often to maintain a clean working surface
  • Wipe off each section with Microfiber towel before moving to next

  • As with any mechanical decontamination products, polishing afterwards may be needed to remove micro marring
  • Store in closed container after use with polyshave side facing up with no contact of any other material pressing against it
  • Do not store in vehicle or allow to sit in usn or heat for extended periods 
  • If you are new to these types of products check paint in direct lighting after one section to verify correct use.