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CARPRO ReTyre Car Tire & Rubber Cleaner - 500ml (17oz)

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  • CARPRO ReTyre was designed from the ground up specifically for the easy cleansing of tires from accumulated tire dressings, road film, and browning antioxidants.
  • ReTyre from CARPRO provides a sparkling clean new tire look and prepares the surface to apply BlackOut, Perl or your favorite tire sealant.
  • Tire sealants, coatings, and dressings respond much better to a perfectly clean tire and in the case of CQUARTZ BlackOut it is absolutely imperative for a full bond!
  • The high potential hydrogen chemistry of CARPRO ReTyre, combined with its foaming design and agitation pulls the contamination out of the pores of the rubber for a deep clean like never before!
  • The foaming action allows much greater control over the solution, allowing you to keep ReTyre where you want and keep it off of any sensitive surfaces you wish to avoid.