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CQuartz SKIN PPF & Vinyl Nano-Coat 50ml

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Product Description 

Nano Coating for Paint Protection & Vinyl Film

CQuartz is renowned for offering industry leading protection to hundreds of thousands of vehicles worldwide and we are proud to present their latest offering to you!  CQuartz SKIN was developed for application to paint protection films and vinyl film. The greatest enemy of PPF and vinyl is UV damage from the sun, so CQuartz SKIN was designed from the ground up with heavy UV blockers.  With both UVA and UVB resistant particles impregnated into the nano structure of CQuartz SKIN, you can be assured in the best skin protection possible for your wrapped surfaces.  

Offered in 50ml size, CQuartz SKIN offers resistance to chemicals, salt, and environmental damage as well!  This highly specialized nano-coat adds a rich appearance to the surface along with unbelievable water and dirt repellency and a rugged durability measured in years!  CQuartz SKIN features easy use in all climates, wiping on and off with ease for anyone trained in coating application! Proper lighting is necessary and some learning curve may apply to newcomers so be sure to visit ourprofessional installers if you are unsure of your abilities.

Protect your vehicle's skin today!

Kit Includes:

  • (1) 50ml Bottle CQuartz SKIN
  • (1) CarPro Foam Applicator Block
  • (5) 4" MF Suede applicators
  • Reflective Hologram CQuartz sticker(s)


  • Unique UV infused nano structure
  • Repels UV rays, water, oils, dirt, and contaminants 
  • Rich warm appearance
  • Easy to use in a wide range of temps
  • Easy maintenance with "self cleaning" properties (Dirt is easily washed off)


  • Expected Durability: 2 years or more
  • Average Thickness: 1~2 Micron per coat
  • Coverage 15ml per coat +/-
  • Water contact angle: 110° or more 
  • Minor filling
  • Recommended working temperatures: 40F to 100F

Recommended uses:

  • Matte, Satin, or Gloss Finish *
  • Clear Bra / Paint protection film
  • Vinyl Wraps


  1. Prepare the surface to be 100% oil free and contaminant free (see precautions)
  2. Apply the Cquartz Skin over the surface in an even criss-cross layer.
  3. Work in the coat to be flat without high spots
  4. Let flash for 2~3 min and wipe off
  5. For best performance do 2 layers, 2nd can be applied after 4 hours or immediately if baked with IR lights (where applicable)
  6. Keep out of the elements for 24 hours
  7. Do not subject to chemicals for 3-5 days minimum.

 Precautions: *

  • Do not use on any surface that cannot be polished until you have mastered the correct application and have proper lighting to do so.  
  • Do not apply to a surface that is not 100% clean and oil free. 
  • Adheres best to PVC, PU, and TPU films / wraps.