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Dash Dazzle is a premium interior detailing sprays specially formulated for door panels, dashboards, consoles, door and trunk seals...even those hard-to-reach air vents. These coatings will not attract dirt or dust, or make your interior slippery and greasy. 

  • Convenient aerosol application ensures even and efficient coverage
  • Will not attract dirt or dust
  • Satin finish
  • Give faded and dried out vinyl or plastic new life
  • No wiping needed; Just spray it on and walk away
  • Specially formulated for door panels, dashboards, consoles, air vents & more
  • Unscented formula leaves no overwhelming odors
  • Durable and long-lasting protection against fading and cracking
  • Quick drying formula saves time and effort during detailing
  • Made in the USA