Dinowax Micronizing Glaze

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Product Description

Micronizing Glaze is a shine enhancing product designed to be used after Cleaning Polish and prior to Express Wax. Soft abrasives, Teflon® and synthetic shine enhancement aids, will bring out the brilliance of your paint finish. Micronizing Glaze contains our 40 million year old Dinowax. Allow several minutes for wax to haze and wipe off to reveal exceptional shine and gloss. Follow Micronizing Glaze with Express Wax for extended protection and water repellency. Scented with our custom "Cherry Pie" fragrance. *Patent Pending*

SHINE properties run 5 to 0, with 5 as the highest.

CUT properties run 0 to 5, with 0 as the highest.

Micronizing Glaze is numbered a 3, more CUT than Express Wax and more SHINE than Cleaning Polish. Silicone-Free.

**All Dinowax products in the WAX collection can be mixed on the paint surface to further customize performance characteristics.