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Dinowax Serum Prep 32oz

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Product Description

Serum PrepTM is a formulated solution of Sodium thioglycolate (NaTG) and other cleaners provided in a safe, concentrate form.  Serum Prep is used to remove ferrous (Iron-containing) particles embedded within the paint surface.  When these particles are left, they can cause a corrosive pitting.  Serum Prep reacts with these contaminants by forming Ferrous thioglycolate indicated by the appearance of a purple color development. 

Surface decontamination is the first step in the "paint correction" process.  Paint correction is necessary to fully realize the benefits of ceramic coatings. The better your "paint correction" the better the performance of the ceramic coating.

Supplied at 15% active solids.  Serum Prep is diluted prior to use by a 4:1 ratio for paint surface decontamination.  For wheel rim applications use 2:1 dilutions.  Serum Prep can be used in combination with Brightener from our CLEAN collection to turbo -charge cleaning of wheel rims.  Scented with our custom Mint fragrance to mask the natural sulfur smell of NaTG.