Dinowax Tire Dressing 1 gallon

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Product Description

  • HIGH-GLOSS SHINE: Our award winning tire dressing enhances and extends the shine of tires and rims on vehicles. Designed with silicone to be long lasting and dust-resistant, this automotive tire shine dressing remains stable, even extreme heat, and will not brown.
  • SAFE ON RUBBER AND VINYL: Uniquely formulated for multi-surface use within cars, this tire dressing is an excellent alternative to competitor’s products. The wipe-on/wipe-off solution leaves behind a clear, gloss shine on rubber and vinyl surfaces.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Whether you're performing car care at home or professional auto detailing, you can trust that Dinowax Tire Dressing will give flawless, pro results after application. Perfect high gloss solution for making rims and tires shine.