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Dinowax Wash & Wax 32oz

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Product Description 

Wash & Wax is a highly concentrated, pH-balanced soap that will not harm protective finishes. A proprietary surfactant package leaves a water beading, repellent finish that will not build on paint surfaces. Clean and wax at the same time by using the diluted product as a spray or fire it from our Foam Cannon over a wet vehicle, wash mitt the surface and then rinse.

Wash & Wax is supplied at a professional strength of 20% solids concentration. Add just one cap full of Wash & Wax to a 5 gallon pail and fill under high pressure spray to create a foam nearly as dense as shaving cream. If this product looks similar to some others on the internet there is a reason. Back-in-the-day we made it for them. NEVER AGAIN. Scented with our custom "Cherry Pie" fragrance.