Fog Fight 100ml Kit

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Product Description

  • In lab tests, no fog formed after 60 minutes over boiling water or a hundred cycles of heat-and-cold
  • Safe and effective on all glass, lens types
  • Cleaner and anti-fog treatment in one step
  • One application lasts over a month if untouched
  • (1) Fog Fight 100ml with sprayer
  • (1) Applicator Block
  • (2) 4" x 4" Suede Microfibers
  • (1) 8" x 8" Suede Microfibers


  • Shake well before use
  • Apply to dry surface: Spray on lightly and spread thin layer evenly with 4" Suede wrapped around Foam Block Applicator (or with terry cloth microfiber)
  • Allow to cure before wiping off
  • 23 to 70 Deg: Approximately 10 min
  • 70 to 90 deg:  Approximately 1-3 min
  • Wipe off
  • Do not touch, rub or clean with water the surface after applied
  • Avoid application during extremely humid conditions if possible
  • If surface is extremely dirty clean with CarPro Eraser or Fast glass towel
  • Keep in cool dry ventilated space.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Durability : 1 month if not touched or wiped.
  • TIP : In very cold weather spray a fine mist on the surface, ( and use a thicker MF for wiping off very well if necessary.