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Adam's Graphene Ceramic Glass Coating utilizes our latest advancements in our graphene-oxide modified ceramic technologies. By specializing this coating formulation to glass, we’ve pioneered maximum possible longevity along with exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance while still remaining effortless to apply. Adam's Graphene Ceramic Glass Coating is our best answer for how to maximize the safety of driving in adverse weather conditions and keeping glass surfaces cleaner for longer via a strong hydrophobic, self-cleaning effect.

  • Contains Graphene Ceramic Resins
  • Only Available in 30mL Bottle
  • Generates a Highly Hydrophobic & Slick Glass Surface
  • Extremely Abrasion & Detergent Resistant
  • No Cure Time Required & Effortless Application
  • 9-12 Month Durability or Approx. 10,000 Miles

Many traditional glass sealants bond to the glass with relatively weak reactions that can easily be chemically stripped or abraded off. Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Glass Coating covalently bonds to the glass surface and makes a semi-permanent modification that won’t quickly shed from weather, abrasion or chemical detergents.

Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Glass Coating is effective on all types of glass and is safe for tints and films of all sorts. Be sure to try Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Glass Coating on glass surfaces in and around your home too, such as glass showers, windows, and mirrors.

Instructions for General Use:

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the glass surface. It is highly recommended to clay the glass prior to application. The cleaner the glass, the better the coating will adhere and perform!
  2. Check to ensure glass surface is not hot to the touch. If so, cool the glass by running cold water over it and then thoroughly dry. Always try to work in the shade or perform the application early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid high temperatures that will adversely affect the coating’s application.
  3. Apply numerous drops of Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Glass Coating to an applicator of choice and dribble directly onto the glass surface. Frame the area to coat and then cross-hatch to thoroughly spread the coating evenly.
  4. Once the glass has been sufficiently coated in material, proceed to buffing off the excess until glass is streak free and crystal clear. No dwell time is required!
  5. Repeat for all exterior glass surfaces. Multiple coats are not required, but permissible.
  6. Coating is immediately effective with no cure time necessary!

Common Sense Warning:

Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Glass Coating is a solvent-borne system and will volatilize very quickly on a hot surface. If applied to a hot surface, streaking and hazing may be observed after wipe down. Simply use Adam’s Brilliant Glaze to remove any possible haze – coating will not be removed in the process and still be effective.