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Gyeon Matte Quartz Paint Coating 50ml

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Product Description 

Q2 Matte is a coating designed only for matte finished paint works. The formula has been created from scratch, it provides incredible durability in comparison with regular, versatile products. Self cleaning and beading performance has been greatly improved as well when compared with standard coatings that are not meant for matte specific finishes. It enhances color without changing the finish of your matte paintwork. Q² Matte is very easy to apply, only one layer is required. Extremely hydrophobic and designed for maximum durability on matte finish automotive paint. Prevents discoloration and oxidation, protects against strong chemicals, road salt and UV-rays. The coating is resistant to any chemicals with a PH value from 2 up to 11.


HOW TO USE: Before application, make sure the surface is free of all oil and is completely dry. It is recommended to wash the car with Q2M Bathe, Iron, And Tar removal. Finish off with a Q2M Prep wipe down. Apply a heavy amount of Q2M Matte onto the suede cloth attached to the applicator block, move attached suede with applicator block across a section of the car evenly until product diminishes. Once finished with that section, wipe off remaining product immediately. Repeat until entire vehicle is completed.