Gyeon Mohs Quartz Coating 30 ml Kit

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Gyeon MOHS is to date, the hardest protective paint coating available to a wide range of users. The hardness of average car paint is approx. 3-4H. Q2 MOHS will add up to an extra 3-4H, making it extremely resistant to scratches, blemishes and dullness. The hardness of this coating means a much slower degradation of the car paint during regular use and washing, protecting the gloss, looks and quality longer. As Opposed to the majority of coatings present on the market, Q2 Mohs demonstrates the lowest shrink-ability parameters whereas most coatings shrink from 0.2 up to 0.03 microns. The Shrink ability of Q2 Mohs does not exceed the level of 5% while its thickness - 02 Microns as registered after application drops to 0.19 when fully dried. HOW TO USE: Before application make sure car is washed with a strong degreasing agent, Claying and Q2M Iron is recommended with a finish of Q2Prep. Shake prime bottle before using and apply a thick layer in a criss cross motion, split larger panels in sections and apply carefully. Wipe off, immediately (10sec-2 minutes) after applying to the whole panel/section (time varying by climate). DO NOT LET ANY STREAKS OR SMUDGES TO BE LEFT. Once you've wiped all excess product off the car, allow it to dry for at least 1 hour before applying additional coats to increase thickness and hardness (maximum of 3 coats). Let it dry for 12-24 hours and wipe off with Q2M Cure, spray Cure onto a microfiber and not directly onto the paint/coating. The Coating is fully dry after 24 hours, only then can the car be driven. Can be cured quicker with a heated infrared lamps for 10 minutes per panel. Do not wash the car with any detergents within the first 7 days.