GYEON Prime 30 ml

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Product Description 

Gyeon Q2 Prime is a new-generation quartz coating based on the latest low volatile silicon (Si) technology which provides a glass like protection for your car. The main differences Gyeon Q2 Prime has over it's competitors it contains no alcohol, and it does not flash-off quickly once applied, which makes the application and wipe-off easier. And unlike other glass coating, it crystallises fully once it cures which results a harder protection on your car. One of the most forgiving glass coating in the Indian market.

Many tests proved it's capacity to resist heavy chemicals compared to any competitor products and more durable and scratch resistant with a rock-like protection on your car paint.

Easy To Apply
The basic property of Q2 Prime is its amazingly simple application. This highly advanced product based on silicon dioxide (SiO2) requires from non-professional user an effort comparable with the one used when applying traditional natural wax.

An appropriate surface preparation, just as it is in the case of waxes, should consist of correction of the automotive paint, while its last stage, i.e. the use of the cleaner, is replaced by complete degreasing of the surface with Q2M Prep. An ergonomic applicator, that comes as a part of the set, enables fast and effective product application over the paint, whereas polishing does not present any difficulties - it is far easier than polishing of synthetic waxes.

Chemical Resistant
Q2 Prime, as well as other Gyeon products, is entirely resistant to chemicals whose pH lies in the range of 2-11. It provides easiness of cleaning irrespective of chosen car washing procedure. It also strengthens the resistance of the coating itself to any damage caused by aggressive chemicals used in automatic car wash.

Self Cleaning Abilities
One of the most important distinguishing features of Q2 Prime, if confronted with other paint coatings, is its unparalleled self-cleaning ability. Certainly, the coating will not remain ideally clean after a long drive in rainy conditions, still, this property makes it possible to significantly prolong time frames between car washes.

If you decide to protect the automotive paint with Q2 Prime, you gain, above all, a durable protection of your car against unfavorable impact that the environment may have on it. The protection against oxidation of the paint, etching that might develop from bird droppings, road chemicals or salt is a major advantage. In contrast to natural waxes or polymer-based sealants which promise infinite durability, Q2 Prime guarantees a 12-months/20KM effective protection entwined with a visually appealing hydrophobic effect.

Detailing enthusiasts are very often skeptical towards the looks of vehicles secured with a quartz coating, articulating their preferences more towards the visual merits that natural waxes could deliver, than towards actual protective features. Q2 Prime has been developed to bring together expectations of various groups of users. It is one of the first products based on the quartz technology that vouches for a depth and high contrast of the paint, which in most cases overtakes the parameters offered by top-class Carnauba-based waxes.