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Gyeon Q2 Booster Topcoat For paint protection coatings

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Product Description 

Gyeon Q2 Booster is a extremely innovative fluorine based topcoat for all SiO2 quartz based paint protection coatings, enriching the surface with an extremely hydrophobic (water hating) surface. The effect of this is that GYEON Q2 Booster makes water bead like never seen before on quartz coatings with tight uniform beading with a contact angle of up to 120° with the effect lasting up to 12 months at a time. We're not afraid to say, that Q2 Booster is the longest-lasting beading top coat in the world. Because of Gyeon Q2 Booster makes the surface of the paint so hydrophobic there is a huge increase in self-cleaning properties combined with superb anti-static properties. It also ensures anti-graffiti properties, making the removal of any type of staining easy and fast The application of GYEON Q2 Booster is also very easy. Prepare the surface, ensuring an oil/grease free finish and apply moderate amounts in a criss-cross motion. Thanks to the fast evaporating formula, GYEON Q2 Booster requires only light and easy polishing. GYEON Q2 Booster works on all types of quartz coatings meaning it is compatible with quartz coatings from other brands.