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GYEON Q2 Primer 1000 ml

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Product Description 

Q² PRIMER is an ultra-light finish and SIO2 primer. It provides superb pre-coating surface preparation and an incredibly glossy finish. Its main aim is to perfect the finish on the paints which are hardest to work with, dramatically reducing the risk of scratch marks during the final wipe off before coating. Q² PRIMER leaves a smooth and slick surface, ready to coat.

Directions for use:

  • Use GYEON Q2 Primer with a waxing or jewelling pad on a dual action or rotary polisher.
  • If you intend to apply a paint coating directly after using GYEON Q2 Primer, an IPA wipe down will be necessary. However, if you wait 24 hours after using GYEON Q2 Primer, no wipe down is necessary.