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GYEON Q2 Rim - 30 ml

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Product Description 

This unique formula is extremely heat resistant, making it ideal for use on rims. Once applied, GYEON Q2 Rim protects rims from exposure to brake dust and environmental contaminants, while maintaining a like new look about the rim. And the best part is, it lasts for up to 6 months. Directions for Application: Always work on a clean dry surface. Thoroughly clean the wheel to remove any iron or tar using a clay bar if necessary. 1.Prepare the surface for the coating using GYEON Prep to remove any residue and ensure proper bonding. 2.Shake GYEON Q2 Rim well. 3.Using the included applicator, apply a thick, even coat. 4.Wait 2-5 minutes for GYEON Q2 Rim to dry, then wipe off. 5.Allow to fully cure for 24 hours prior to driving vehicle. For faster cure time, use infrared lamps for 1 hour per rim.