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Gyeon Q2M Tire Express

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Product Description  

The Gyeon Tire Express is a water-based coating that will help you protect your tires with ease! Tire Express restores a like-new appearance of your tires and keeps them looking good with strong UV and hydrophobic protection. Being water based, it's extremely easy to apply and allows both a dry and wet application. It spreads on the surface very well with just one wipe and doesn't require any rubbing. To begin we highly recommend you clean your tires first with something like the Gyeon Tire Cleaner to ensure the rubber is clean and the pores are open to accept Tire Express. Apply a thin coating for a very deep, natural and matte look. It builds a self-cleaning layer that helps to keep the tire clean. This allows you to not only restore your faded tires, but keep them looking deep and dark for longer than traditional tire dressings! If you are looking to protect and restore your tires, the Gyeon Tire Express is an awesome choice! Tip: To get the most out of the product, use it on a damp tire right after the wash. Spread it evenly and let dry. A subtle, factory fresh look will be the result. Consumption: 10-15ml per set Durability: About 2 washes