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Gyeon Silk Drying Towel 28"x 36"

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Product Description 

The highest technology Car Drying Towel on the market - the Gyeon Silk Drying Towel’s unique microfiber weave absorbs impressive amounts of water, and will glide effortlessly over your paintwork like silk. It will safely dry your paint scratch-free, streak-free and without smudges! This 36” x 28” large size of the towel is perfect for drying the main body of cars even large ones carefully – we also offer the smaller size 22” x 20” Silk Dryer which compliments perfectly for lower areas of the car, door shuts and grills and is ideal for motorcycles. You will never go back to a chamois or normal drying towel again once you have experienced the Gyeon Silk Dryer HOW TO USE: Simply extend the Silk Dryer towel onto a specific area of the car with the microfibre's facing downward (touching the car) and pull the towel to your direction. Watch as the water is completely absorbed by this towel in 2 easy steps! Repeat as necessary until the car is completely dry.