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Gyeon Soft Wipe 24" x 16" Microfiber Cloth

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Product Description 

Removing some Coatings, Sealants and Waxes can be difficult with smearing and sometimes even marking the paint in the process - however sometimes it can all be in the cloth. That’s the primary task of our Gyeon Soft Wipe Microfiber. It has two sides, with deep soft but effective Microfiber strands. It is edgeless (so no sharp corners to mark paint) and fabricated with the latest laser-cutting technology, for the safety and durability of the fiber itself. We think it is one of the best microfibers on the market, when it comes to removing coatings, waxes and all types of car sealants. Not to mention perfect for using with Quick Detailer Sprays because it is Super-Soft!