Gyeon View Glass Coating Kit

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Product Description 

Gyeon View is a highly hydrophobic water repellent coating for automotive windows. It repels rain and dirt keeping your glass cleaner, and makes defrosting your windows much faster in those cold climates. HOW TO USE: Clean the window wtha high quality glass cleaner, use a soft thick sponge to rub the product in a circular motion into the surface, work in small areas to ensure precise cleaning. Wipe residues off the product with a clean, damp cloth and wait until the surface dries out completely then apply Q2Repel. Apply the product in a circular motion generously in a small sections, use the entire 20ml bottle for windshield and 2 side windows. After a few minutes, polish light residue with a new, fresh microfiber cloth. For maximum durability apply a small amount of the product onto your wiper blades or replace them with new ones. Avoid any water for at least a few hours.