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Masterson's Mexican Hot Chocolate Air Freshener delivers the authentic scent of the traditional spiced hot cocoa drink. We traveled to a small town in Mexico to experience Maria’s famous Mexican Hot Chocolate. The classic smell of warm chocolate, cinnamon, and delicious spices made us smile with joy! We became excited to create a sprayable scent inspired by Abuela’s favorite drink. Masterson’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Air Freshener is crafted using 100% pure Mayan cacao, cinnamon, and brown cane sugar scents to deliver the classic aroma. Advanced odor eliminating technology quickly removes nasty smells from your car, truck, RV, or home. Everyone enjoys a cup of real Mexican Hot Chocolate with family. The smooth chocolate scent will make you feel relaxed and happy with childhood memories. Masterson’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Air Freshener works by freshening the air, eliminating odors, and creating a sweet hot chocolate scent. It will have you saying “¡Muy Bien!”. Simply spray in your stinky car to restore a fresh scent and eliminate nasty odors. Works in hotels, gym bags, lockers, restrooms, and much more! One spray is all you need for a full-size vehicle. The classic scent of warm Mexican Hot Chocolate will inspire you to relax and enjoy the Hidalgo sunset. Quickly eliminates nasty odors and bacteria from A/C vents. Enjoy the scent of Maria’s authentic cocoa drink with Masterson’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator.