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MOMO Eagle 350mm Racing Steering wheel

Sale price $269.10 Regular price $299.00

MOMO steering wheels have been proven both on and off of the road and track to be excellent at handling and feedback. Their wheels dating back from 1966 are suitable for anyone who drives Formula 1 and ALMS to Grand-Am and NASCAR to SCCA and NASA, and any street driven vehicle used to get you from point A to point B. MOMO's Eagle line of wheels offer both comfort and style in a smooth black on silver finish. Air-leather wrapped, sleek, and engineered with years of racing knowledge, you know you are driving with excellence at your fingertips. A Momo or similar aftermarket hub is required for installation. Please check for availability before ordering. Black air-leather with chrome spokes. 350mm wheel diameter, 6 x 70mm bolt pattern.