Rebel Pipe Dream Chrome Conditioner and Polish 12 oz

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Product Description

  • Rebel Pipe Dream is a 12 oz chrome conditioner and cleaner that is blended using a proprietary blend of sealants, waxes & micro abrasives that clean and restore the surface of your chrome.
  • This product is designed not only for used & abused chrome - but also for brand new chrome pipes, wheels, stacks, grills or bumpers.
  • Rebel Pipe dream has restorative properties for chrome that will not only clean your chrome, but leave it protected for up to two months
  • This product had a unique blend of all natural brazillian carnuba wax as well as polymers that will provide extra protection in even the harshest of conditions
  • While this product does not treat any bluing that can occur on the surface on a chrome motorycle pipe - it will clear any surface oxidation, dirt and oil grease that can frequently build up on your pipe. Perfect for any vance & hines chrome pipes as well as many other popular brands.