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RUPES BigFoot LK 900E Mille Gear Driven Polisher

Regular price $439.00

Product Description 

The Mille provides a balance of power, ergonomics, and capability for operators who crave a gear driven solution. Featuring a wide assortment of new, innovative features as well as a revolutionary clockwise rotational movement the BIGFOOT Mille delivers powerful defect removal, versatility, and consistent performance in an ergonomic package designed with operator comfort and efficiency of work in mind.

Ø Backing Plate – 125mm – 5in or 150mm – 6in

Ø Orbit Diameter – 5mm

Power Consumption – 900

R.P.M. – 265 – 535

Weight – 2.8kg/6.17lbs

Variable Speed Control – Yes

Variable Speed Trigger – Yes

Backing Plate Thread – M4 x 6

Backing Plate Supplied – 980.089 and 980.037