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Rupes Green Medium Foam Pad - 180mm (7 inch)

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Product Description 

RUPES BigFoot Green Medium Foam Pads for random orbital Dual Action and Triple Action BigFoot Polishers are aggressive enough to remove most paint defects from weathered and scratched paint while creating a wax-ready finish. Green Medium Foam Pads are color coordinated to BigFoot Quarz Polishing Compound to create a synergistic system which makes paint reconditioning easy.

Use the Green Medium Foam Pads to remove up to P2500 sanding scratches from fresh and weathered paint. RUPES Green Medium Foam Pads are an excellent compromise between cutting power and finishing ability allowing most polishing to be completed in just one step. RUPES recommends using the Green Medium Foam pads on factory-applied, high-solid, standard and soft paints. If more aggressive polishing action is desired on your BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher use RUPES Blue Coarse Foam Pads, RUPES Coarse Wool Pads, or RUPES Coarse Microfiber Disc with appropriate RUPES BigFoot Compounds.