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Rupes MICROFIBER Cutting Pad 4 inch 100mm

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Product Description 

If you are looking for maximum defect removal on factory and hard paints, equip your BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher with RUPES BigFoot Blue Coarse Microfiber Pads. Using a BigFoot Microfiber pad increases the active surface area of the pad doing the polishing, increasing the polishing action dramatically. Sanding scratches and other severe paint defects are polished away quickly.

The aggressive cutting action of microfiber generates much more heat compared to other types of polishing media, as such heat management and durable construction become key in overall pad performance as durability. Competitive microfiber pads do not account for the eleveated levels of heat generation found in microfiber, using non-breathable, soft foam substates that delaminate, or even further intensify the overheating issue, and often times glue layers that soften and allow the layers of material to seperate. RUPES worked overtime to engineer a pad that can withstand the powerful polishing action of a BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher, manage heat related issues, and do so while delivering exceptional results. RUPES BigFoot Blue Coarse Microfiber Pads feature a one-piece molded design to help prevent delamination and patented ventilated air slots for maximum heat control. The unique spiral design on the slots ensures that the cooling holes designed into the BigFoot Random Orbital backing plates are always engaged. The semi-rigid substrate is a proprietary molded urethane material that maximizes the tools movement and minimizes pad failure.

Use RUPES BigFoot Blue Coarse Microfiber Pads to remove severe paint defects on OEM or cured refinish paints. For best results, clean the microfiber frequently by using a RUPES Pad Claw Tool or clean compressed air.