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Yum Detailer

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You are in for a real treat with this product! This has been regarded all across the world as one of the finest products in its class. The one and only goal in this category is gloss and slickness, and this product provides both of these, head and shoulders above the rest.

  • Multi-purpose action during the final stages of the detailing process.
  • Can be used during both wet and dry applications.
  • This product really excels at the Drying Aid stages when drying your car.

A detail spray should carry extreme gloss and slickness as this will be the final product to touch a car, to create a surface that is resistant to anything that would want to adhere to it and this is what we call ‘slick paint’. By having slick paint, it creates a surface where dirt has a hard time sticking to it, making it easier to deal with on future washes.

We recommend using Yum Detailer after every single wash, unless you are planning on topping up your protection with a dedicated protective product. Applying it to the entire glass after washing has an incredible result!

Yum Detailer can be used on the entirety of your exterior, including glass, wheels, and door jambs, either as a drying aid, or, in the traditional 2 towel method with dry paintwork. It is very simple to use – Spray on and wipe off.

Drying Aid

Yum Detailer really shines through during the wet application stages as a Drying Aid. The term ‘drying aid’ is a fairly new concept within the car care industry – This is where you add in an extra stage before drying the vehicle. Normally, you may have just used a drying towel over the whole vehicle after washing, then call it a day. The extra stage, before this, is spraying a drying aid onto the vehicle, while wet, prior to any towel contact being made. This adds a microscopic level of slickness on the panels as you use your Drying Towel. In turn, this will drastically reduce damage, remove the standing water faster, and leave behind a truly flawless finish.

Drying Aid Application

  • Blow the entire vehicle with air after the final rinsing stage to remove the majority of the standing water (we prefer to use a cordless dryer for this method).
  • Spray Yum Detailer over the vehicle, working panel by panel, and wipe off using our dedicated Drying Aid Towels.
  • We recommend 2 x Drying Aid Towels for this process, as the secondary towel will be used at the end as a final wipe, to catch any remaining water drips.