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Yum Undress

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Yum's dedicated tyre and rubber cleaner can also be used on engine bays and all exterior plastic components. This product has been specifically formulated to clean deep into the pores and release all built up dirt, grease and contaminants that accumulate when driving on the roads. Yum Undress is fast acting and contains a powerful amount of cleaning agents and degreasers to achieve a perfect surface for Yum Dress.

  • Safely cleans rubbers and plastics without drying them out.
  • The thick gel-like consistency clings to the tyre and penetrates deep into the tyre wall.
  • Pair with the YumCars Tyre Brush for the best results.

When it comes to achieving perfectly dressed tyres, preparation is always key, so this is why Yum chose the name Undress for this very special product formulation.

Dressings should never be applied to your tyres without prior preparation. Your tyres are in contact with the road 24/7, and they pick up all the grime and contaminants, so why would you not clean them? Tyres need to be cleaned during every wash to keep the grease and general road grime away. Even if you dressed them on your last wash, there will be even more contaminants ingrained within the dressing. Undress them before you Dress them!

The thick gel-like consistency of Yum Undress ensures no run off and maximum dwell time. Combining this with our world class spray triggers, Yum Undress atomises and foams on impact.

It is very simple to use, spray generously on the area to be treated and agitate with Yum's Tyre Brush to see the magic begin to happen.

We recommend to use Yum Undress on every wash during your wheel cleaning process to ensure Yum Dress correctly lays, adheres and bonds to the surface.

This product has been designed to be used neat and straight out of the bottle. By diluting this product you will notice a drastic reduction in performance.